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Message from the PNPAAAI Chairperson

Message from the PNPAAAI Chairperson

Message from the PNPAAAI Chairperson

Lakan Gilbert DC Cruz

For over three decades of its incorporation, the Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association (PNPAAAI) has continued to brave the waves of realizing the realm of its creation. Along the course of its stewardship, the past and current Board of Trustees has always put in mind the development of the Association to be a more effective, credible, and capable institution in upholding the Philippine constitution, contributing to the development of and welfare of the nation, and maintaining the highest standard of excellence and esprit de corps of the Lakan community.

With the ever-changing technological environment, the Association is also keeping up with the new digital trends to remain relevant to its stakeholders and one of them is the use of the world wide web. One way of adapting to these changes is to maximize the use of the internet to immediately connect not only with our members and different stakeholders but also to have a wider reach to the community it serves.

This reinvigorated website of the Association is a “one-stop-shop” portal where the Lakan community and the public can check the latest news and updates about the Association. Members can also now use one of the features of this website to update and check their membership information, monthly dues, and application for benefits.

The current Board of Trustees firmly believes that being abreast with the latest technology trends will prevent missed opportunities. Through this, we aim to make communication easier for all our stakeholders. We are committed to making this website more interactive and relevant to all our stakeholders.

In addition, we in the PNPAAAI will intensively endeavor to promulgate the general welfare and best interest of the Lakan. Along with your continued support and cooperation, we can make it happen, for God, country, and people.

Hail PNPA! Hail Lakan!



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