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March 2024

pnpaaai magazine 2024

44th PNPA 2024 Grand Alumni Homecoming: "Nagkakaisang Lakan tungo sa Ligtas, Payapa at Matatag na Bayan"

Our Association is thrilled to share with you the alumni achievements, challenges and milestones that demonstrate the legacy of the Long Maroon Line since 1978. From interviews with distinguished alumni who have blazed trails in their respective fields to features highlighting the notable triumphs of our Lakans nationwide. This edition serves as a celebration of the diverse and myriad successes that define our family. May this inspire us to be steadfast in embracing change while cultivating resilience amongst us.

In these pages, you will also find the update on our general membership, the programs, and services we extended. The heart of our services is protecting the morale and welfare of our Lakan, and above all, the extra mile initiatives led by our Board of Trustees to uphold the vision and principles of our Association….

February 2023

pnpaaai 43rd ahc magazine cover

43rd PNPA 2023 Grand Alumni Homecoming: "Pagkakaisa ng mga Lakan Handog para sa Kapayapaan at Kaunlaran ng Sambayanan"

The Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association Inc. (PNPAAAI) is proud to present this year’s magazine highlighting the efforts and initiatives of the new set of the Board of Trustees led by LAKAN GILBERTO DC CRUZ, Chairperson.

Over the past years, the Association strives to publish a magazine that contains articles about Alumni Members in the Tri-bureau Services and the cadets in the Academy in order to bridge all the PNPA Classes, both senior and junior.

The hands-on and dynamic composition of the BOTs continued its effort of advancing the goals and objectives set, thus, the Association has been working round the clock to live up to the vested trust and responsibilities of the members.

This year’s magazine highlights the continuous effort ofthe National Association and its Chapters in assisting in the welfare of the PNPA Cadets and Alumni Members, building….

March 2022

PNPA-AAI Magazine 2022

42nd PNPA 2022 Grand Alumni Homecoming: "Sariwain ang nakaraan, pagtibayin ang kinabukasan"

I proudly present to you the official publication of the Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc. which is released coinciding with the homecoming celebration.

As you flip through the next pages of the magazine, you will be able to read the variety of articles about the stories of achievements and breakthroughs of every Lakan nationwide. This year, we highlight this year’s awardees and newly promoted Lakan Generals. You can also read in this issue the story of selected Lakan from each bureau who have achieved so much in the aspect of police, fire, and jail service. Moreover, the accomplishments of the Bureau Chapters and Regional Chapters were discussed as well making this publication a bridge to all the Lakans disseminated across the country….

March 2021

PNPA-AAI Magazine 2021

41st PNPA 2021 Grand Alumni Homecoming

The heart and soul of this publication are the extraordinary stories of our dear Lakans in the field as they serve our fellow countrymen in the respective bureaus they were called to serve. It has been known that the past year, we faced a myriad of challenges which tested our commitment to our sworn duty. But the stories of different Lakans in this issue proved that if there’s a will, there’s always a way up and forward.

This issue also highlights the Lakan Awardees who have proven that nothing can stop a committed public servant to achieve greater heights even if faced with the danger of a pandemic; the initiatives and accomplishments of the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology; the insightful journey of our Lakans in Ateneo School of Government; the assistance we have extended to support the bureaus and our Lakans in need; and the partnership we built with other organizations….

March 2014

pnpaaai magazine 2014

34th Grand Alumni Homecoming Balik Akademya 2014: "Balikan ang Nakaraan, Pagyamanin ang Samahan para sa Kapakanan ng Bayan"

At the outset, 2013 was never expected to be different from any other year by the Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association. Although 2012 ended on a rather tragic note with the devastation of Supertyphoon Pablo (Bopha) in Southern Philippines, the overall economic outlook was quite optimistic. This optimism endeavored the Association to advance its foremost goal of supporting the Academy and its cadets. We anticipate that this trend will continue in 2014.

By taking a number of steps to ensure our fiscal stability, we realized modest gains in both assets and total revenue generation. We were also able to improve our financial position, resulting in a positive financial balance as of….

March 2013

pnpaaai magazine 2013

33rd Alumni Homecoming Balik Akademya 2013: "Nagkakaisa sa Iisang Adhikain na Tahakin ang Matuwid na Landas"

People who are publicity conscious and attention grabbers are hindrances to the attainment of an organization’s goal. They can be likened to a dragon boat team member padding to different direction. If a boat paddler of this kind is present in the team, how can you expect the team to reach the finish line at its best time?

The Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc. (PNPAAAI) is an association of graduates of the PNPA which is like a giant dragon boat steered by the Board of Trustees (BOT) elected at large by members of the Association with its goals and aspirations embodied in the preamble of the Association’s Constitution and By Laws which reads: “We, the members of the Philippine National Police Academy Alumni Association, Inc….

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